of the XXI century
in law
5th international scientific and practical conference

May 19, 2023
The purpose of the conference "Technologies of the XXI century in jurisprudence" v.3.0 is to study modern technologies from the standpoint of legal regulation of their application and possible impact on theoretical research and law enforcement practice.

The work of the Conference will take place in the form of discussion of ideas on the application of modern technologies and theoretical directions in various fields of legal activity as:

1. Blockchain and distributed ledgers.
2. Genomic research and surrogacy.
3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
4. Cryptocurrencies and digital means of payment.
5. Use of modern computer technology in law enforcement.
6. Regulation of the Internet, social networks and media resources.
7. Technologies for the protection of the results of intellectual activity.
8. Technologies for collecting, researching and using electronic digital evidence.
9. Digital technologies for processing and protecting personal data.
10. E-learning technologies
11. Electronic document management and electronic justice, etc.

The list is not exhaustive.

You can contact the head of the organizing committee by:

Phone: +7 919 386 82 38 (+ WhatsApp, Telegram)

Conference organizers and partners
If you are interested in supporting the conference organizationally or informationally, please contact us at
Registration will open at February, 2023
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